East Challow Community Consultation

Dandara Wants Your Views

Dandara organised a second community consultation event on its proposals for new development and a West Wantage Link Road on Saturday, 15 June 2019 at The Royal British Legion Club in Vicarage Hill, East Challow.

A year ago, a similar community consultation event was held in The Village Hall. The purpose of the latest consultation was to share with residents the results of last year’s feedback on the original Masterplan, put forward alternative proposals and obtain feedback on these.

If you did not attend last year’s consultation event, it would be helpful for you to read those panels before continuing to read the revised proposals.

Give your views on the revised proposals



Dandara is a privately-owned developer distinct from the volume housebuilders who reply on standard house types regardless of location and circumstances. In contrast, Dandara brings forward development that is inspired by the local context and vernacular.